These SmartNIC JBOFs are shared among multiple co-resident applications, and there is a need for the platform to ensure fairness, QoS, and high utilization. Unfortunately, given the limited computing capability of the SmartNICs and the non-deterministic nature of NVMe drives, it is challenging to provide such support on today's SmartNIC JBOFs. SmartNICs / DPUs have acceleration engines to tackle a variety of tasks including encryption/decryption, firewalling, packet inspection, routing, storage networking, and more. As networks continue to evolve it's important to note that SmartNICs / DPUs running SONiC will be able to be used for network monitoring, telemetry, and observability. Per Georgia Law O.C.G.A. 42-5-18, a penalty of one to five years in prison is required for any individual introducing contraband into a prison facility or provides these items to an offender . This same law applies to offenders found with any of these items in their possession while incarcerated. GDC Fiscal Year Reports.

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